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What’s Your Word?


Get ready for your close up:

Fun + Inspiring… It’s your turn to get creative and to rock your inner-FIRST HAND WOMAN! This one will only take a few minutes and will say a lot.

1. Grab a piece of paper (or use some other clever means to represent writing) and include the words:

“I am a First Hand Woman because…” or “I am a First Hand Man because…” or “She is a First Hand Woman because…” or “He is a First Hand Man because…” or “We are First Hand Women because…” etc — You get the idea.  🙂

2. And then, figure out what’s your word, and write it in.

3. Next? Easy! Simply snap a photo of yourself or of people you love.  The photo can be of you, your parents, your grandma, your partner, your dog, totally up to you!

4. Lastly, email it HERE for consideration for posting on this “What’s Your Word” page in time for our NYC run!

See what I whipped up in a few minutes? My word was “persevere”.   🙂

I am a First Hand Woman

It’s time to show off something wonderful about you and the people you love. Take this idea and run with it!!!

Dream up,

Sarah Michelle Brown

Sarah Michelle Brown
FIRST HAND WOMAN Actor, Playwright + Producer