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Wrangling the stages of loss with FIRST HAND WOMAN director: Rosanna Saracino

The director’s dream… It is my pleasure to introduce you to our brand new director, the creative and visionary Rosanna Saracino. I hope you enjoy this lovely read! And be sure to leave a comment below to tell me how you approach doing what Rosanna suggests in her last two words of this interview. And […]

Getting Cozy with Denial a.k.a. the Delightful Victoria Murdoch

Glass-half-full kinda chick I’m so happy to share this Q&A with the amazing Victoria Murdoch who will be tackling the role of “Denial” for FIRST HAND WOMAN’s NYC debut this August. Let’s begin!  ~Sarah Hi Victoria! I’ve got a few questions for you. First up, how will you approach playing such an archetypal character? In […]

The Zen of Fear

Do your hopes and dreams bring you fear? As I put my producing hat back on for our NYC debut, I have been reminded daily about one thing: FEAR. Yep, big, honking, fear. You know what I’m talking about. Not a monster in the closet, not the boogeyman, not even zombies who want to eat […]

Wow – FIRST HAND WOMAN is Going to NYC!

NYC, here we come! I recently found out that my stage play FIRST HAND WOMAN will be heading to the NYC International Fringe Festival this coming August. This will mark our U.S. debut! I can’t tell you how excited I am. This is a crazy-great opportunity. The two shows that FIRST HAND WOMAN has been compared to the most, Sex […]

OMG! Tickets for First Hand Woman on Sale Today!

Break out the Champagne!!! With only 51 days till we open in Toronto, our tickets are now available!! Click HERE to snag yours.  🙂 I am beyond excited!!!!!! We will be starting rehearsals soon, and I’m crazy busy getting everything ready. I put the finishing touches on the Toronto version of the script last night at […]