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FIRST HAND WOMAN Audiences Have the WOW Factor!

YOU inspire me. FIRST HAND WOMAN audiences have so much WOW factor that they have completely floored me with their enthusiasm, their amazing energy and their willingness to laugh and cry with us! Our Toronto debut was extraordinary. We were sold out by day two and — let me just say again, in case I […]

So Close I Can Taste It…

Opening night… OMG! The excitement and nerves are simply through the roof. I think the entire FIRST HAND WOMAN team is buzzing now that opening night is finally upon us. I’m soooo proud of everyone. It really was a magical rehearsal process. Soooo wonderful to see everyone dive deeper and further with their work; taking risks […]

Happy Holidays Meets Sleep Deprivation?

Crazy Crazy Crazy. FIRST HAND WOMAN opens in TWO WEEKS in Toronto! I’m soooo excited! Oh, this is pretty exciting too: I recently had two media interviews about FIRST HAND WOMAN and our Toronto debut!! A huge shout out to Kevin Pennant and his team at Pennant Media Group for their INCREDIBLE work!!! So… Here is the […]

Mountains and Molehills

A FIRST HAND WOMAN-sized summit… So lately, I’ve been pondering the mountain that is ahead of me. Money to raise, resources to find for the next incarnation of FIRST HAND WOMAN. I can freely admit that there is a huge temptation to curl up in a fetal position beneath my covers. But instead, I am […]

Leap and the Net Will Appear!

Crazy Great Lesson Learned! I find that revisiting the journey that I went through in the months that lead up to FIRST HAND WOMAN’s world debut last month, is sort of like… Amazing + Brain Melt. Diving in the way I did was kinda like skydiving when you’re afraid of heights and planes – You can read […]

World debut… Wow!

What a whirlwind! And while there haven’t been enough hours in the day for a while now, I am still so pumped from this world premiere.   🙂 We returned home this past Monday from FIRST HAND WOMAN’s incredible debut in Montreal. I can’t remember a period of my life marked by such exhaustion and […]

FIRST HAND WOMAN and the Zen of Skydiving

A.k.a. Being afraid and doing it anyway! This post is a long one, but if you stick with it, I think you’ll get a lot out of it. Okay then, time to dig in. To begin with, I’m thrilled to announce that my stage play, FIRST HAND WOMAN, which I started writing in 2004, will see […]