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Mountains and Molehills

A FIRST HAND WOMAN-sized summit… So lately, I’ve been pondering the mountain that is ahead of me. Money to raise, resources to find for the next incarnation of FIRST HAND WOMAN. I can freely admit that there is a huge temptation to curl up in a fetal position beneath my covers. But instead, I am […]

The “Heart” of FIRST HAND WOMAN?

Yep, it’s about time to get a little personal. Before mounting FIRST HAND WOMAN’s world premiere in Montreal, I was nervous because my heart was having extremely intense, prolonged palpitations. I went to see my family doctor and she did some tests that caused her concern. She was worried that I may be experiencing a […]

Leap and the Net Will Appear!

Crazy Great Lesson Learned! I find that revisiting the journey that I went through in the months that lead up to FIRST HAND WOMAN’s world debut last month, is sort of like… Amazing + Brain Melt. Diving in the way I did was kinda like skydiving when you’re afraid of heights and planes – You can read […]

World debut… Wow!

What a whirlwind! And while there haven’t been enough hours in the day for a while now, I am still so pumped from this world premiere.   🙂 We returned home this past Monday from FIRST HAND WOMAN’s incredible debut in Montreal. I can’t remember a period of my life marked by such exhaustion and […]

FIRST HAND WOMAN and the Zen of Skydiving

A.k.a. Being afraid and doing it anyway! This post is a long one, but if you stick with it, I think you’ll get a lot out of it. Okay then, time to dig in. To begin with, I’m thrilled to announce that my stage play, FIRST HAND WOMAN, which I started writing in 2004, will see […]