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How to ROCK the Ordinary World in 10 Minutes

Every good journey needs a variety of things. First of all, you’ve got to start with an AWESOME heroine/hero… Now, let’s say that awesome person is you! In order to begin what in creative terms is deemed as a “good story”, you need to start off with a few simple ingredients. You start with what’s […]

Wow, Life Happens!

I hope that this note finds you fabulously well and happily pursuing your dreams.  🙂 Since my last entry I’ve had a whirlwind journey in my life. In the two years since our debut, I had a few giant possibilities come my way for FIRST HAND WOMAN but they vanished into the ether. However, after […]

2010 Phobia Alert: Dancing in the Middle of the Circle

I hope you’re roaring and ready to go for this brand new year! This New Year’s Eve, I created this thing that I call a “Dream Tree” in my den. It has silvery branches, small white xmas lights and “dreams” hanging from the branches. I invited people to write their hopes on a piece of […]

FIRST HAND WOMAN Audiences Have the WOW Factor!

YOU inspire me. FIRST HAND WOMAN audiences have so much WOW factor that they have completely floored me with their enthusiasm, their amazing energy and their willingness to laugh and cry with us! Our Toronto debut was extraordinary. We were sold out by day two and — let me just say again, in case I […]

How to Wrestle the Exhaustion Monster in 5 Steps

10 days until opening night! Fell asleep at our family Xmas dinner. The turkey was fantastic, if memory serves.  😉 Haven’t been sleeping well at night again as the Exhaustion Monster has actually been keeping me awake. So many little logistical things to do every day. I seriously need to look into stress management courses […]

Happy Holidays Meets Sleep Deprivation?

Crazy Crazy Crazy. FIRST HAND WOMAN opens in TWO WEEKS in Toronto! I’m soooo excited! Oh, this is pretty exciting too: I recently had two media interviews about FIRST HAND WOMAN and our Toronto debut!! A huge shout out to Kevin Pennant and his team at Pennant Media Group for their INCREDIBLE work!!! So… Here is the […]

First Day of Rehearsal!!!

You’ll be delighted to know that we had a fantastic first day!!! I’m really excited about the creative team assembled for the Toronto debut. We’re incorporating LIVE musical elements for the first time. Go team! This includes singer/songwriter extraordinaire, Saidah Baba Talibah and soulful percussionist Guiomar Campbell. I could feel the excitement buzzing in the […]

Why Depression Rocks

… A la First Hand Woman It’s that time again. FIRST HAND WOMAN is less than a week away from starting rehearsals for the Toronto debut. I find that as all my off-stage tasks get completed and I slowly lift the different weights of responsibilities off of my shoulders, my on-stage role of “Depression” is […]

OMG! Tickets for First Hand Woman on Sale Today!

Break out the Champagne!!! With only 51 days till we open in Toronto, our tickets are now available!! Click HERE to snag yours.  🙂 I am beyond excited!!!!!! We will be starting rehearsals soon, and I’m crazy busy getting everything ready. I put the finishing touches on the Toronto version of the script last night at […]

Play Time!

FIRST HAND WOMAN is approximately 5 years in the making now, and I just received our performance dates for the Next Stage festival today. Yay! I also found out that FIRST HAND WOMAN is the first one to receive a request for group ticket sales… and from a Toronto-based Seniors Home!!! Totally unexpected, so how […]