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Play Time!

FIRST HAND WOMAN is approximately 5 years in the making now, and I just received our performance dates for the Next Stage festival today. Yay! I also found out that FIRST HAND WOMAN is the first one to receive a request for group ticket sales… and from a Toronto-based Seniors Home!!! Totally unexpected, so how […]

Mountains and Molehills

A FIRST HAND WOMAN-sized summit… So lately, I’ve been pondering the mountain that is ahead of me. Money to raise, resources to find for the next incarnation of FIRST HAND WOMAN. I can freely admit that there is a huge temptation to curl up in a fetal position beneath my covers. But instead, I am […]

The “Heart” of FIRST HAND WOMAN?

Yep, it’s about time to get a little personal. Before mounting FIRST HAND WOMAN’s world premiere in Montreal, I was nervous because my heart was having extremely intense, prolonged palpitations. I went to see my family doctor and she did some tests that caused her concern. She was worried that I may be experiencing a […]

World debut… Wow!

What a whirlwind! And while there haven’t been enough hours in the day for a while now, I am still so pumped from this world premiere.   🙂 We returned home this past Monday from FIRST HAND WOMAN’s incredible debut in Montreal. I can’t remember a period of my life marked by such exhaustion and […]

The Fear of Becoming a First Hand Woman

With FIRST HAND WOMAN I’m swimming in the place where dreams meet fears… This play has been in my head and on the page for four years now, and it will finally start its journey into the outside world and onto the stage in just two and a half months. Wow, Montreal, here we come! […]