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Get a Peek at our New York City Debut Photos!

Check out some fab photos from our New York City debut! Dream up, Sarah  

The Reviews are in!

New York is falling for First Hand Woman! In this whirlwind adventure, life is certainly feeling more than a little surreal. There have been plenty of highs and lows in this 9-year journey called First Hand Woman and today I’d like to share some BEAUTIFUL quotes. Read full reviews at these lovely links: review […]

FIRST HAND WOMAN Makes The New York Times List!

I’m stunned. First Hand Woman got a beautiful mention in the The New York freakin’ Times for shows to see at FringeNYC!!! I am honoured that this play has been included in this list of shows. You can check out the editors’ picks HERE. Sarah Michelle Brown’s ‘First Hand Woman,’ a prizewinner at the Montreal Fringe […]


Q: Would you ever consider translating this play into a movie or would you want to keep it on stage?  Sarah: Oh I would LOVE to translate First Hand Woman to the big screen. I’m a playwright with a film director’s eye. On top of that, I’m a also Star Wars nerd who also loves The Shawshank […]

Sneak Peek

It’s not too late! With only 9 days left until our NYC debut, I’m sending out a sneak peek of First Hand Woman’s opening monologues. This is going out exclusively to our amazing donors from our recently closed Indiegogo crowd funding campaign  ($25 plus perk level). It’s a bit scary, as I’ve never really released any part […]


Wowowow!!! Party time (almost)! First Hand Woman debuts at FringeNYC in just 10 days! I can hardly believe it. The ticket sales have begun! The very act of showing this play in New York City is definitely something that I’ll be checking off my bucket list. I hope that you are working away at your dreams. […]

Downtown Magazine NYC – What?

That’s right! I am jumping for joy! FIRST HAND WOMAN got a beautiful feature interview in Downtown Magazine NYC, written by the delightful Naomi Pinkus! So dive on in and discover some delicious behind-the-scenes treats. Click HERE to check it out. Also, time is a tickin’ for you to be a part of theatre history […]

Get Up Close and Personal with Playwright Sarah Michelle Brown

FernTV Interview I am thrilled to invite you to really get into some behind-the-scenes secrets of creating FIRST HAND WOMAN with this brand new in-depth interview that I had the pleasure to do with Fernando Fernandez of FernTV. Get insider secrets and discover some of the challenges and triumphs in bringing FIRST HAND WOMAN to […]

First Rehearsal!

Phew! First day’s rehearsal =  done. It was amazing to see the new team get to work today. I’m extremely excited by the passion, the drive and the talent in this production of FIRST HAND WOMAN. Will start up some video introductions to our team soon. Exciting things brewing! Okay, back to work I go. […]

TIME OUT? Holy Smackers!

Mind = Officially Blown Yep, exciting stuff below. But first, there are sooo many things happening all at once in prepping for FIRST HAND WOMAN’s debut at FringeNYC, that it’s extremely challenging to even find time to breathe. The other day, I forced myself to take a Time Out (hint hint) and walked away from the computer for a couple […]