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Wowowow!!! Party time (almost)! First Hand Woman debuts at FringeNYC in just 10 days! I can hardly believe it. The ticket sales have begun! The very act of showing this play in New York City is definitely something that I’ll be checking off my bucket list. I hope that you are working away at your dreams. […]

Guest Writer Sarah Ramsden Tackles Loss By Saying “Hells-Yes!”

FIRST HAND WOMAN is not just a stage play. It’s also a state of mind. Welcome to the launch of FIRST HAND WOMAN’s “Unleashed” Series! This series will bring you the true and inspiring stories of real-life first hand women and first hand men. It is my absolutely pleasure to introduce you to our inaugural “Unleashed” […]

The Zen of Fear

Do your hopes and dreams bring you fear? As I put my producing hat back on for our NYC debut, I have been reminded daily about one thing: FEAR. Yep, big, honking, fear. You know what I’m talking about. Not a monster in the closet, not the boogeyman, not even zombies who want to eat […]

Wow – FIRST HAND WOMAN is Going to NYC!

NYC, here we come! I recently found out that my stage play FIRST HAND WOMAN will be heading to the NYC International Fringe Festival this coming August. This will mark our U.S. debut! I can’t tell you how excited I am. This is a crazy-great opportunity. The two shows that FIRST HAND WOMAN has been compared to the most, Sex […]

How to ROCK the Ordinary World in 10 Minutes

Every good journey needs a variety of things. First of all, you’ve got to start with an AWESOME heroine/hero… Now, let’s say that awesome person is you! In order to begin what in creative terms is deemed as a “good story”, you need to start off with a few simple ingredients. You start with what’s […]

Wow, Life Happens!

I hope that this note finds you fabulously well and happily pursuing your dreams.  🙂 Since my last entry I’ve had a whirlwind journey in my life. In the two years since our debut, I had a few giant possibilities come my way for FIRST HAND WOMAN but they vanished into the ether. However, after […]

2010 Phobia Alert: Dancing in the Middle of the Circle

I hope you’re roaring and ready to go for this brand new year! This New Year’s Eve, I created this thing that I call a “Dream Tree” in my den. It has silvery branches, small white xmas lights and “dreams” hanging from the branches. I invited people to write their hopes on a piece of […]

Mountains and Molehills

A FIRST HAND WOMAN-sized summit… So lately, I’ve been pondering the mountain that is ahead of me. Money to raise, resources to find for the next incarnation of FIRST HAND WOMAN. I can freely admit that there is a huge temptation to curl up in a fetal position beneath my covers. But instead, I am […]

The “Heart” of FIRST HAND WOMAN?

Yep, it’s about time to get a little personal. Before mounting FIRST HAND WOMAN’s world premiere in Montreal, I was nervous because my heart was having extremely intense, prolonged palpitations. I went to see my family doctor and she did some tests that caused her concern. She was worried that I may be experiencing a […]

Leap and the Net Will Appear!

Crazy Great Lesson Learned! I find that revisiting the journey that I went through in the months that lead up to FIRST HAND WOMAN’s world debut last month, is sort of like… Amazing + Brain Melt. Diving in the way I did was kinda like skydiving when you’re afraid of heights and planes – You can read […]