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Sarah Michelle Brown
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Downtown Magazine NYC – What?

That’s right! I am jumping for joy! FIRST HAND WOMAN got a beautiful feature interview in Downtown Magazine NYC, written by the delightful Naomi Pinkus! So dive on in and discover some delicious behind-the-scenes treats. Click HERE to check it out. Also, time is a tickin’ for you to be a part of theatre history […]

What’s Your Nerdiest Moment?

FIRST HAND WOMAN playwright/producer Sarah Michelle Brown has a confession to make…   Time is running out to Help Unleash FIRST HAND WOMAN in NYC! Simply click HERE to donate! Dream up, Sarah Michelle Brown Tweet

Get Up Close and Personal with Playwright Sarah Michelle Brown

FernTV Interview I am thrilled to invite you to really get into some behind-the-scenes secrets of creating FIRST HAND WOMAN with this brand new in-depth interview that I had the pleasure to do with Fernando Fernandez of FernTV. Get insider secrets and discover some of the challenges and triumphs in bringing FIRST HAND WOMAN to […]

Rehearsal Day #2 – Get in the Know

I can hardly believe it. Here’s a quick lil update on our second day of rehearsals. Recorded while taking a small breather before letting go of my actor hat and putting my producer hat back on. Can’t wait for day three! And as always… Dream up, ~ Sarah Michelle Brown First Hand Woman Actor, Playwright + Producer […]

Wonder Woman Meets FIRST HAND WOMAN in Guest Blogger Dorine Nafziger

FIRST HAND WOMAN is not just a stage play. It’s also a state of mind. As we start up rehearsals this week to bring the play down to FringeNYC (so excited!), it is my pleasure to introduce you to a new guest writer in our “Unleashed” series: Real-life Wonder Woman and FIRST HAND WOMAN, Dorine Nafziger. […]

First Rehearsal!

Phew! First day’s rehearsal =  done. It was amazing to see the new team get to work today. I’m extremely excited by the passion, the drive and the talent in this production of FIRST HAND WOMAN. Will start up some video introductions to our team soon. Exciting things brewing! Okay, back to work I go. […]

TIME OUT? Holy Smackers!

Mind = Officially Blown Yep, exciting stuff below. But first, there are sooo many things happening all at once in prepping for FIRST HAND WOMAN’s debut at FringeNYC, that it’s extremely challenging to even find time to breathe. The other day, I forced myself to take a Time Out (hint hint) and walked away from the computer for a couple […]

Vlog: 9 Years in the Making

FIRST HAND WOMAN is not just a stage play. It’s also a state of mind. Time to dig in for a sneak peek my thoughts on finally (after nine years) bringing this show to The Big Apple at The New York International Fringe Festival. It’s all about perseverance baby! Now it’s time for you to take […]

LaForeTV Interview with Sarah Michelle Brown

Take that risk and dive in! I am excited to announce that I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the lovely Shana LaFore from LaforeTV about FIRST HAND WOMAN’s upcoming American debut at the New York International Fringe Festival! Here we dish about inspiration, taking risks, going after your dream and about being afraid […]

Vlog: What FIRST HAND WOMAN Fun Facts Do You Want To Know About?

I’m so excited! Check out this video and then in the comments below, tell me which FIRST HAND WOMAN fun fact YOU want to know more about: The inspiration for the play. Tips for going after your dreams. Insider tidbits on the cast and crew. Dream up, ~ Sarah Michelle Brown First Hand Woman Actor, Playwright + Producer […]